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Princeton Affinity Program

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The following terms and conditions are presented by Princeton Mortgage to govern participation in the Princeton Affinity Program. 


To participate in the Program, the applying company (the “Company”) agrees to the following:


  1. Company shall from time to time in its discretion inform its employees or members of the Program.

  2. Employees and members shall apply for a mortgage loan by submitting an application to Lender via its unique portal.

  3. For each loan application that is approved, Princeton Mortgage shall provide a discount on the interest rates that it would ordinarily charge a borrower. Princeton Mortgage may change the amount of such discount or discontinue the Program in its sole discretion, following notice to Company.

  4. Company is not obligated to cause any of its employees or members to apply for a mortgage loan from Princeton Mortgage, and Princeton Mortgage is not obligated to make a mortgage loan to an employee or member of Company.

  5. Company will inform Princeton Mortgage in writing if its number of employees declines to less than 25, in which case Princeton Mortgage reserves the right in its sole discretion to discontinue Company’s participation in the Program.

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