This week’s guest on the Effortless Conversations podcast is People Operations Manager at Princeton Mortgage, Erinn Larkin. In Erinn’s own words, her role is as the leader of the new and improved model of Human Resources, aka HR. This was a truly fascinating and enlightening conversation – I never realized how “robotic” the term Human Resources truly is until it was pointed out by Erinn.

The nuance and delicacy that comes with Erinn’s various responsibilities – conducting entrance AND exit interviews (I know I wouldn’t want to handle the latter), navigating interpersonal conflicts and practicing one of Princeton’s core values, radical candor, in positive and negative situations every day, this is truly a role that requires an empathetic, but also firm touch.

Listening to the interview, one can surmise that Erinn’s entire background has led her into a profession where she deals with people on sensitive matters. Some of her previous experience before joining Princeton Mortgage was as a property manager in North Charleston, South Carolina. First of all, just the thought of being a property manager and dealing with unsatisfied, angry tenants on a constant basis gives me anxiety. Erinn shares a few stories from her time as a property manager, and let me tell you, each story she tells lives up to the hype.

Erinn was a very eloquent guest, thoughtful and well-spoken. This is an interesting interview for anyone in the corporate world, and I hope you’ll sit down and have a listen.

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About the Author: Cooley Walters

Cooley Walters is a member of the Writers Guild of America. He’s written a TV show for HBO, as well as worked on a number of other productions across the country throughout his career. He has a wife, two baby daughters and a goldendoodle who all live with him in Charleston, South Carolina. His favorite things are writing, fishing, and sitting watching the sun fade behind the palm trees.

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