It is what it is.

You’ve heard this before, but what exactly does it mean? Often-times, this phrase is used in the wake of some kind of setback, disappointment, an event that went wrong. Naturally, because of this, this phrase sometimes takes on a negative connotation. It can be viewed as an excuse, or a reason as to why no action was taken to thwart some inevitable-seeming disaster. Or, it can be a way of life.

Let’s throw out the negative connotation and all the lazy ways you’ve heard someone use the phrase it is what it is; let’s add in an extensive knowledge of the Mortgage Industry, an intense love for live music, and a laid back, although, focused demeanor – and you’ll get Jim Guggenheim. Jim is infamous throughout Princeton Mortgage for his use of this very phrase.

Jim has served as the Executive Vice President of Princeton Mortgage since its inception, and for good reason. Jim’s been through it all: recessions, housing crises, refi booms, ups, downs, ins, outs – and now add in the unique experience of navigating a company through the midst of a worldwide, all-encompassing pandemic – what else can we throw at him?

How about retirement. As of this writing, Jim has officially retired from Princeton Mortgage – although he will continue consulting -- a man of Jim’s knowledge and fortitude never quite retires.

Jim was gracious enough to sit down with me and break several eggs of knowledge over my head in a short period of time. He’s a fascinating speaker, and his hard-earned knowledge pours out of him like a wellspring when he gets going about the Mortgage Industry and his experiences therein. Make sure to listen to the episode in order to receive some of said knowledge, free of charge. And remember, when things are burning down all around you, sometimes the best and only response becomes: it is what it is.

About the Author: Cooley Walters

Cooley Walters is a member of the Writers Guild of America. He’s written a TV show for HBO, as well as worked on a number of other productions across the country throughout his career. He has a wife, two baby daughters and a goldendoodle who all live with him in Charleston, South Carolina. His favorite things are writing, fishing, and sitting watching the sun fade behind the palm trees.

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