Effortless Conversations – Mark Gordon

What is true leadership? The simplified version is that it is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. The true definition of leadership goes much deeper than that. A leader is someone who, despite external and internal challenges, rallies those who follow him/her to move toward their common goal in unison, garnering and holding the confidence of their followers, and who takes responsibility for the failings of the group, while praising their followers collectively for successes.

This is especially important in business, where the daily landscape is apt to change significantly, at the whim of external influences such as market peaks and valleys, as well as internal influences – human peaks and valleys within one’s own company. A leader is able to sense the shifting of the winds, notice the telling signs that will bring about the need for a change of course.

Mark Gordon, the Chief Revenue Officer at Princeton Mortgage, is one of these leaders. Mark prides himself on his ability to keep his finger on the pulse of everything that’s going on within Princeton Mortgage; he has an innate ability to read people and decipher where they’re struggling, and what he can do to help that person. It’s interesting when listening to Mark speak about leading people. He is not one to judge, or place blame, but he expects results. He is willing to listen to an employee’s personal struggles, and come up with a game plan to help that person shed their worries and get back to thriving in their every day life – personal and professional. This is how a true leader operates.

Mark was kind enough to sit down with Cooley and have a candid conversation about the ups and downs of navigating a financial company through untested waters. His insight is fascinating and thought-provoking. Give the episode a listen to hear more from Mark Gordon and take advantage of the wisdom he imparts.

About the Author: Cooley Walters

Cooley Walters is a member of the Writers Guild of America. He’s written a TV show for HBO, as well as worked on a number of other productions across the country throughout his career. He has a wife, two baby daughters and a goldendoodle who all live with him in Charleston, South Carolina. His favorite things are writing, fishing, and sitting watching the sun fade behind the palm trees.

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