Effortless Conversations - Shelli Horton

Ever wonder how some companies are able to grow exponentially at any given time and why some companies just seem to tread water? Sure, some places have basketball courts and espresso bars and bean bag chairs – all cool and fun and hip, but do these leisure options really attract the best candidates to a company? Let me phrase this a different way: are you going to be more likely to want to hire someone who’s excited about the problems they get to solve with you and your team, or someone who’s super excited for the opportunity to laze around in a bean bag chair all day?

This is where one of the most fundamental elements of a business comes into play: Recruiting. Our guest today is Shelli Horton, National Business Development Manager at Princeton Mortgage. Shelli works hard to make sure that Princeton lives up to one of it’s most important credos: Have an A-Player in every seat. The modern day business landscape makes this task much more difficult than you may originally think. It takes patience, understanding, persistence, oversight, and an innate ability to read people through their words, but more importantly, through their demeanor. Shelli is a sharp judge of character, as all recruiters must be, and this sharpness has helped her go far during her time at Princeton Mortgage, and the professional steps she’s been able to take even before Princeton.

Shelli finds that balance between her work life and her home life are essential; she’s recently married, been on a honeymoon and then a follow-up honeymoon only two weeks later, and then came back to the office and kept crushing it as usual. Check out this week’s episode to hear more about Shelli’s background, her work process, how she keeps her work and home life in check, and where she sees herself in five years.

About the Author: Cooley Walters

Cooley Walters is a member of the Writers Guild of America. He’s written a TV show for HBO, as well as worked on a number of other productions across the country throughout his career. He has a wife, two baby daughters and a goldendoodle who all live with him in Charleston, South Carolina. His favorite things are writing, fishing, and sitting watching the sun fade behind the palm trees.

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