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The Effortless Mortgage

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Efficiency, Accountability, and Satisfaction

Getting a mortgage can be a miserable experience.

There is a lot that goes into it. You have to put documents together, answer personal financial questions, and work through a complex system that can be hard to navigate without proper guidance. This process that is complex becomes miserable when you deal with any obstacles making that process more difficult. Issues with your documents, a loan originator who isn't on top of things, or a mortgage company that is bogged down by inefficiencies can be enough to send your loan off the rails.

The Effortless Mortgage

Princeton Mortgage saw an opportunity to make the process from start to finish as pain-free as possible, and the Effortless Mortgage was born.

The Effortless Mortgage is the combination of accountability, efficient processes, and team dedication to customer satisfaction.

The result is a process that saves you time and relieves stress by keeping you in the loop from start to finish.

Accountability: The Princeton Promise

The Princeton Promise is simple: if your mortgage experience isn't effortless for any reason, you get $1,000 back at closing. No strings attached.

This simple idea is so radical that it caused an uproar when our CEO Rich Weidel brought it up to our team in 2018.

So, the "What" of the Princeton Promise may be simple, but here is the "Why":

Our goal at Princeton is to give everyone The Effortless Mortgage. But, if a borrower ever feels their mortgage experience was anything but Effortless, The Princeton Promise is the system we have in place to make sure that we, as an organization, feel their pain.

Pain + Reflection = Growth. Ensuring that Princeton Mortgage feels it when there is a mistake has caused us to hone our systems and processes to avoid that pain.

For the past year, 499 of every 500 of Princeton's borrowers have said "thanks, but no thanks" to the Princeton Promise.

Every Loan. Every Day: The Story of happy hour

How do you achieve operational excellence?

Put another way: how do you ensure that everyone who touches your loan is bought in? Our answer to this question is transparency and something that we call "Happy Hour." We call it "Happy Hour" because "detention" sounds too harsh. If, for any reason, a loan is not where it is supposed to be on any given day, the entire team has to meet to discuss what went wrong and get it fixed before they can go home for the day. This ensures that loans are always moving forward and are where they need to be:

Every Loan. Every Day.

Top 1% of the Industry in Customer Satisfaction

And it works!

We are an industry leader in customer satisfaction.

The proof is in our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures customer satisfaction:

As of writing this, our lifetime NPS score is 91.

To put that into perspective, Bank of America has an NPS score of 24, Amazon has an NPS score of 53, and Starbucks has an NPS score of 77 (and their product is addictive!).

What people are saying!

The Princeton Mortgage Team was absolutely wonderful to work with! They are responsive, fast, efficient and very detailed oriented! Even showed up at my closing w/a Thank You note and Gift card to a local restaurant...WHO does that! - Maura C.

They did a great job helping us get our house. They where willing to work with us when unexpected issues arose on our end that we thought were gonna make it impossible to get a house we liked. They also explained any question we had so we knew what our options where and that we understood every part. If you are looking for a lender for your home I would highly recommend Princeton Mortgage. – Devin C.

I would highly recommend Princeton Mortgage to anyone looking at buying a home. They were all highly professional, responsive, and made the process from start to finish very easy. Thank you for getting us into our dream home! – Joseph G.

Was a quick, easy, painless process! Fast and efficient! I have had quite a few refi's and loans in the past, and this by far was the best experience I have had. – Michael H.
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